Unveiling the Dark Side of Telemarketing

How Fake Buyers, Publishers, and Data Vendors are crashing the Market?

The current state of the live-transfer/call center/telemarketing industry is facing a major issue at this moment. A whopping 90% of the market is plagued by fake publishers, fake buyers, and fake data vendors. These fraudulent entities are creating a host of problems for legitimate players in the industry, resulting in a crash in the market.

Fake buyers, in particular, are causing a lot of damage by refusing to spend money on complaint traffic. Instead, they continue to purchase non-complaint traffic with fake or temporary complaints. Meanwhile, fake publishers also contribute to the problem by buying data from fake data vendors and generating non-complaint traffic through shady means.

It’s worth noting that the problem of fake traffic has become even more challenging with the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology. In the past, it was relatively difficult to generate fake Jornaya or Trusted Form Lead IDs or fake complaint traffic. However, with the power of AI and ML, creating fake traffic has become almost effortless.

These fraudulent players in the market are using AI and ML algorithms to create fake traffic that appears legitimate and complaint. They can do this by simulating the behavior of genuine customers and manipulating data in real-time. This means that the traditional methods of detecting fake traffic are no longer effective.

The use of AI in generating fake traffic has made it even more difficult for legitimate players to compete in the market. It’s vital for players in the industry to understand the scope of the problem and come up with innovative solutions that can tackle this new challenge

These fake buyers then use their hacks on the same traffic to make it look like complaints and send it to their advertisers and networks with temporary complaints. This leads to chargebacks, lawsuits, a 0% conversion ratio, higher CPA costs, and other issues. Sadly, this is how the market is currently operating, and not many people are willing to spend money on bad results.

The problem is compounded by the fact that the existing regulatory framework is inadequate to deal with these issues. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has tried to crack down on fraudulent practices, but it’s difficult to identify and prosecute fake buyers, publishers, and data vendors who are operating under the radar.

This situation has created a dire need for a comprehensive solution that can address the issue at its core. There is an urgent need for legitimate players in the market to come together to develop effective strategies that can curb these fraudulent practices. This could include better regulation, enhanced monitoring, and the establishment of best practices that all players in the industry must adhere to.

 the telemarketing and call center industry is currently facing a significant challenge due to the prevalence of fake buyers, publishers, and data vendors. The market is in a state of crisis, and the existing regulatory framework is inadequate to deal with the problem. The industry needs to come together to develop effective solutions that can address the issue at its core, and ensure that legitimate players can operate in a fair and transparent market.

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